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A Better Adique for a Better Prespective – NaMo For PM

What do a young human of india needs the most today?what thrives his intelluct to excel?

It is employment and a better standard of persective together with it.

Having witness the scenario and being born in Jharkhand(which was formerly Bihar) i can speak about the employment and its adique.

People from all over bihar and jharkhand used to first wander towards Kolkata,as it was near to our state.

But within one or two years things changed there due to the communal issues and lingustic problems

Then the next trend was to wander towards Delhi.Most of our people would navigate towards it and work there.But the condition worsened when they were striving for money as there was lack of employment,and hence they were forced to live in slums and work as mere labours.

Then the next move was towards Mumbai.But unfortunately all of the people from our state were disintended due to communial issue which arouse there due to people of Bihar and jharkhand.

But a thing which around 90% of people of our state would agree,and that is finding better employment prospective and ascertaining a well standard of living in Gujrat.

While my visit to neighbourhood i found out that around 40% of them are engaged in business held in Gujrat.

70% of people of villages have migrated for employment in Gujrat.

They are working there and here they are making there family survive as some of there families did not want to leave there native land.

So the thing behind this,is that why cant we create gujrat in India.why have to people leave away their old parents and work there in Gujrat.

So the only solution to this major issue is,


When modiji can transform gujrat into a place with wide job prespective and employment,then sure whole India will be transformed into Gujrat.

Which signies that now young people will not have to migrate away from their native place in search of a quantaum of living.

So for this CHANGE,we have to bring a CHANGE.

Lets now work in our own place friends,with our own culture and heritage.

Lets bring Modiji,so that he can bring GUJRAT into INDIA.

Lets stand united to take this pledge to VOTE FOR INDIA,FOR BRINGING A CHANGE IN INDIA.

Sukriti chakravarty

How India Will Be in 10 Years of Modi’s Governance – Modi for PM

Common People (Real Aam Aadmi) Opinion on Narendra Modi as PM

"Modi" People's Choice

“Modi” People’s Choice


We the indian are looking with great expectation that after ten years (by 2024) -

  1. The value of rupees must be on par with that of doller ( in 1947 it was equal to day it is one doller for rs 65+)
  2. Increase in standard of living ( to day 75% popolation is below standard of living)
  3. Each one should get food, cloths nd shelter ( today 20% population is deprived).
  4. Protection to women (to daily 300+ rapes are occured).
  5. Equal treatment to each region ( sarva dharm sam bhav) .

In short what we expect while deligating the power of governance that what we have received during 60+ years in congress governance ( particularly during the governancd neharu-gandhi) should be totally changed and justice be given to the comman man. For which today I prayed to BHADRA MARUTI of Khultabad in Aurangabad district that if he brings modi’ s governance with majority of 272+ mp, I shall compell modi to worship the GOD BHADRA MARUTI BEFORE HE TAKES THE OATH OF PRIME MINISTER. Bhadra stands for Good. May God bless the indian people.

Diwakar Kulkarni, +919049342589
Aurangabad Maharashtra

India after 10 years of Modi Sarkar!!!!!

  1. No communal violence in the country for straight 10 years as in Gujarat.
  2. Every village in the country is connected through highway.
  3. Diamond quadrilateral of bullet train joining at-least 4 major city of the country.
  4. Most important Cow slaughtering (Gau hatya ) will be banned in whole country.
  5. Pakistan will not dare to enter in our territory.

Gopal Bharuka, +91 9028985407
Pune, Maharashtra

दस साल अगर मोदी जी को दिए जाए तो पकिस्तान भारत की कस्टडी मैं आ जायेगा जितना भी काला धन विदेशो मैं हैं उसे हिन्दुस्तान लाया जायेगा भारत का प्रोडक्ट विदेशो मैं अपनी साख जमाएगा बिजली की व्यवस्था  24 घटे बिजली उप्लभ्ध करायी जाएगी भारत के स्टूडेंट को भारत मैं ही पढाई के लिए विदेशो से अच्छी शिक्षा व्यवस्था की जाएगी बड़े महानगरो को बुलेट ट्रेन से जोड़ा जाएगा और अंतिम बात मेरे भारत के प्रत्येक नागरिक चाहे अमीर हो या गरीब उसे सम्मान से जीने का अधिकार प्राप्त होगा ये सपना हे मेरा जिसे मैं कह सकता हु मेरे सपनो का भारत

जय हिन्द

गौरव कपूर, 8889373658
खाचरोद जिला, उज्जैन
मध्य प्रदेश

If a modi got the governance of india.
1.India will get the bunch of opportunities.
2.And as I think india will be the strongest country in every field in the whole world
3. No more poority and illiterate people.
4. Mostly the roads of india will very good as compare to now.
5. India be most happening tourist place., 9764001089
Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Five points after 10 years of Narendra Modi Governance -

  1. India will be solar and wind energy hub,
  2. रक्षा तकनीक में भारतीय सेना में स्वदेशी योगदान बढेगा।।
  3. Cyber Security में भारत की अपनी फौज होगी।।
  4. मजदूरों और किसानो skill developed किया जायेगा।।
  5. Interlinking of all rivers and lakes,
  6. Kashmir issue may resolve.

Ashish Arya,
North West Delhi

  1. India would be peaceful country having internal and outside borders strongest. So India will have strong presence at UNO.
  2. India will lead the world in agriculture sector and also India will emerge as tourist and investment place.
  3. Food,Shelter, Road and Power problems will not be there.India will look forward to become center of innovation across different industries such as health and medicine, education, Aerospace, IT etc.
  4. Export will increase significantly as government will provide sufficient resources for innovation. So Fiscal deficit problem will be solved.
  5. Government processes would be much simpler and transparent using e-governance and proper legislature. It will strengthen democracy and will take India towards corruption free nation.

Girish Deshmukh, 9028985404
Pune, Maharashtra

  1. Self independent in defense equipment
  2. 24*7 electricity in all over India
  3. No unemployment
  4. Kashmir issue solved. Kashmeeri pandits will return to their homes…
  5. Because of river grids, no flood / drought like situation..
  6. Our 20% power from renewable sources, hence low burden on coal / crude…. surplus Forex reserves..
  7. 50% companies from Forbes 500 list, will have their foot print in India
  8. Cow will be declared as national animal.
  9. Sex ratio will be 1000-1000
  10. We’ll have fast trains and express roads.

Mithapur, Gujarat

  1. Education easily access to everyone.
  2. Advanced Indian rail circuit in country.
  3. Systematic way of farming benefits to farmers.
  4. Terrorism completely vanished.
  5. Safer women. Means less rape n harassment cases.
  6. 24 hours electricity
  7. Well utilized rivers of nation.
  8. Enough jobs for youth.
  9. No bribe cases.
  10. Well developed villages towns and cities.
  11. Good infrastructure. Well structures drainage system n water recycling.
  12. High speed internet facility all over country.
  13. Export will be more than import.
  14. No communal violence cases.
  15. Advanced military force to protect the country.

Lakshmish Raichur, 9742246518

Bharat after Ten years of Narendra Modi

  1. 24x7x365 Electricity in each Village, City nooks and Corner of India
  2. Internet and Long Distance and Smart Schools in Villages with healthy Mid-Day Meals
  3. Clear Drinking water to each citizen by improving Ground Water Table
  4. Healthy Pollution Free India by Green initiatives by awareness and by Third party accountable Private Environmental Services
  5. E-governance for the common People of India to minimize corruption in Public Service Sectors

Amit Kumar Sinha, 0971562220478
Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh

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