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Arvind Kejriwal – Now and Then | Narendra Modi as PM 2014

How Arvind Kejriwal Changed his Attitude after Wining Election

Just a year of time & perceptions shall be very much clear now in everyone’s mind. Let us start from the very much beginning,

  • A common man with uncommon willingness to do something for the nation, Ram Leela Maidan, Anna Hazare movement. It was the first ever Aandolan (Protest) most of us witnessed from the new generation.
  • A real IAS Officer – Accurate arguments in decent manner while primary discussions regarding the Jan Lokpal Bill with the ruling congress government.
  • Practical approach while Anna broke his fasts by saying that perhaps this is not the end of fight, & saying clearly that neither ruling government nor opposition holds the willingness to pass the Lokpal bill & both are corrupted.
  • A neutral activist by raising voice against Salman Khurshid’s trust as well as Nitin Gadkari’s business empire.
  • A strong challenger when he thought of forming a party to fight against traditional parties. Respected all his colleagues reflecting their view on corruption.
  • Felt bad when it seemed that other political parties are raising baseless allegations on AAP rather than welcoming such new formation of youth formed out of social movement.
  • Was happy when they got 28 seats in VS elections of Delhi, crunch was that no party was in position to form government without their support as Congress & BJP would never support each other obviously. The results were interesting as AAP clearly said that they won’t take/give support.
  • It was still okay when they gone to people asking them to opine on forming government, they got indication of doing so with the people, they formed government with congress’s support of 8 MLAs.
  • Suspiciously they started subsidizing the electricity tariffs & tricky free water were also seemed to be part of short run politics rather than long term beneficiary measures.
  • The political ambitions were clearly seen on announcement of contesting elections from 300 seats, they got a chance to prove in Delhi, in spite of doing that they chosen to gain maximum benefit from the Aam Aadmi effect.

As its going to be the same political party in near future which they oppose, No firm thinking, willingness to do something for nation, track record, uncorrupt regime, biasness, taking & asking support from any parties in any states, VIP culture, allegations, etc then does it worth voting for!!

Time has changed, Arvind Kejriwal – Then & Now.

CA Darshan Shah
Member of Modi For PM Org
modi as PM 2014