Yeh Toh Hona Hi Tha Questions Against AAP – Modi for PM 2014

The questions were not that newly formed AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) is principally driven, neutral, genuine, uncorrupted, unbiased, and secular or not, as it was TODAY.

Questions Raised Against AAP (Aam Aadmi Party)

The questions were, will situations remain same forever,

  • Will it be the same party with same principles till end?
  • Will they be getting 272+ seats all the time in Lok Sabha & won’t take/give support from/to any other party?
  • Will they get clear majority always in all the Vidhaan Sabhas they decide to contest for & won’t take/give support from/to any other party?
  • Will there won’t be any leader from that party using ‘Lal Batti’ even after few years?
  • Will there be no seats given to the person against whom cases will be pending in the courts?
  • Will they be not taking huge flats from the government after getting reelected again & again, or say after getting victory in some states?
  • Will there be no allocation of seats to children of ministers in name of his contribution to the society or inborn talent?
  • Will they be able to keep silence on all the major national issues other than corruption & be able to come in power, say Security, Kashmir, Economy, Poverty etc?
  • Will they not allot seats to any ex-MP or ex-MLA from any other parties?
  • Will they be able to safeguard our interest in foreign market through their policies, do they have that experience, vision & willingness?
  • Will their leaders not fight internally for the posts, if so how decisions will be taken?

Most of these questions have answers now; unfortunately all those points which they criticized made their presence in their own party as well. Rakhi Birla, Vinod Kumar Binny, Somnath Bharti & many more presented answers to most of the questions listed above.

यह तो होना ही था – Unfolding Future is Predictable of AAP (Aam Aadmi Party)

Yes this was bound to happen when you float a state specific party on some points, and then try to expand like selling a chocolate or so. Many things are exposed, lot more to come.

The question shall be, will they be able to give us stable government to us in central, if yes, what is there strategy & what is their action plan for the same, it is not an easy task obviously to get 272+ seats in 2014 by AAP alone, and so what is there in their mind.

It’s our right to know this as a so called Aam Aadmi in whose name Laces of votes have been taken & are asked for.

CA Darshan Shah
Member of Modi for PM Org
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