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Training through ModiForPM Org
Dear Modi Lovers,

Welcome to this training platform.

We, group, are launching massive training drive to create an awareness of the need for 'Congress Mukt Bharat'. It is very clear that there is a great feeling to relieve India from bad governance practices led by Congress over last 55 years of their rule. We believe that Mr. Modi and his team has created an option for us to provide better life for all Indians.

We are a group of about 7000+ Indian professionals from five countries including India. We have nothing to do with politics; however, we have a sincere wish to offer better life for Indian people. We have been devoting some of our time to think on `how` we can have a squirrel's contribution in this mission.

Come Join `Congress Mukt Bharat` the largest movement in the history of India, led by Mr. Modi. Be a catalyst to bring better life for Indians. Jai Hind !

This is our new initiative to reach more and more peoples and motivate them towards the work done by Mr. Modi. How you would like to contribute as a:

This site is not affilated to any political party.