What is MODIFORPM group?

It is a MOVEMENT. We are here for a REVOLUTION since 2010. This is basically an upcoming group of Indian patriots who are from all corners of the world and have sincere wish to work for change for better and bring back India’s lost glory. We have been inspired by the work done by Mr. Narendra Modi in past 15 years in efforts to make India a Global Power.
The basis of our inspiration has been enormous amount of factual reports available with us and a good amount of study done by us, as a group as well as individuals in the group on achievements of our country. We feel `Modi like` politicians have the power to transform the Indian governance systems to suit the needs of 125 crores Indians and meet the Global challenges in future to come.

Which Political Party We Belong To?

We are not in any way connected to any political party, we have our own professions (employees, entrepreneurs) in India and abroad. We are apolitical organization. However, we do not hold any political personality or organization from becoming members of this group.

What Is Our Goal?

From the various data available (government & private sources), we feel that India is on the verge of great collapse if we do not come forward and start participating in real developmental projects. We also feel that 2019 general parliamentary elections are the last opportunity for Indians to correct wrong systems that Indian citizens have been tolerating since independence, mostly due to ignorance of working of these systems and the logic. Our immediate goal is to create awareness of the benefit of Modi headed government and help to bring in larger change through appropriate voting in parliamentary elections.

How Do We Plan To Achieve This Goal?

First and foremost, we wish to connect all those Indians, who are dreaming change for better and are really willing to work for 125 crore Indians. We will be making teams and launching various awareness programs. We will consult all institutions like educational, corporate, government, NGOs with proven track records, reformists, journalists, environmentalists and so on. We will share our goals on all possible media network including social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to facilitate all Indians to get connected with this movement.

Who Can Be Members Of This Group?

As mentioned earlier. We are here to work for talents and hence our only criteria of membership is Indians with strong national spirit. Any Indian of age 16 and above can be a member of this forum. Such people can think of joining any group as per their interest to help us to understand the interest and then we can connect ourselves to this group.

Do We Promote Mr. Narendra Modi As BJP Agents?

No way. We are only fans of Mr. Modi and have no connections in any way with BJP. We have titled our website to gain inspirations for the people who are participating. We are learning about developmental pattern set by Mr. Modi in India that makes him as a ROLE MODEL and a MAN OF ACTION. We have no fear of saying so. If any other leader supersedes him, he will also be our role model. Since we are consulting group, it is our liberty to providing consulting services to any political or nonpolitical institution.

What Plans Do We Have To Spread In India?

We wish to have our Chapters all over India as we get into the project work. We wish experienced as well as youth to come forward to take on our projects. We are in the process of identification of real change bringing projects and as we finalize them, we will declare it on our website. At present we are looking for small outlets to carry on the current movement and we welcome nominations even at village levels.