How NRIs Citizen Can Become A Voter

As Loksabha election date is coming closer, Speculation for Prime Ministerial candidacy is getting intense, for which Mr. Narendra Modi is the center of attraction. Newspapers, Electronic media, and word of mouth have gained a lot of attention to Narendra Modi, who is expected to come again in power.

There are several reasons behind such unconditional support for Modi as PM in 2024. His incredible hard work tends to transform our nation from a backwardness to a Country where dreams come true.

If you are an NRI and willing to participate in the Lok Sabha Elections, then there is a legitimate way through which you get the power of voting in your hands, please follow the instructions mentioned below and do your duty as an Indian Voter:

According to the Representation of the People (Amendment) Act, 2010, “a person who is a citizen of India and has not claimed the citizenship of any other country is eligible to be a registered voter of India”. For Non-Resident Indian, they need to have a permanent residence address as mentioned in his or her passport, and then NRI can register as a voter in the constituency.

If you are an NRI and contain required documents as mentioned above, then you are eligible to file Form 6A to Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) of the constituency of your region with the legal ordinary residence of the applicant as mentioned in his or her valid passport.

Availability Of Form For Application In Different Regions/State:

6A form is prescribed for the applicants who are willing to take part in voting for the Prime Ministerial elections. This form could be easily downloaded from the website of the Election Commission of India. Apart from this, the people who stay in India can get it for free from the EROs offices

A list of states and its websites are listed below from which one can take help to apply for registration:

Required Documents for NRI (Non-resident Indians) Enrolling In Registration Process:

Along with the form, a candidate must submit documents include a current passport size colored photograph, photostat of all the important pages of passport including the one which contains photos and not the least, the hard copies of the pages which contain valid visa.


If a person submits its application to the ERO of his/her region, then he/she needs to bring an original passport along with him during registration or in case, if the applicant wants to send it by post then it is required to send duly self-attested copy of passport and documents mentioned in form 6A.

The applicant will be reverted through the post and SMS for registration.


As the person gets enrolled, it will be allowed to vote at the polling station provided to it as a result of registration as an overseas elector.

Every citizen of India is expected to complete its responsibility elec a leader who will be responsible for the further development of the nation. Elected PM must be favorable for the growth and development of the nation.