LokSabha Seats Back

Next general elections are meant to be held by 2024. The 543 elected members of the Lok Sabha will be elected from single-member constituencies by first-past-the-post voting. The President of India nominates an additional two members.

What’s more interesting and exciting is that BJP President Amit Shah has aimed to have more than 350 seats in Lok Sabha polls that are to be held in 2019. And according to the survey done by a private channel, it appears that BJP president has truly justified the victory of the party.

The results of the Mood of the Nation Survey which was declared on Thursday showed that if the elections are polled now, the BJP could occupy 249 seats.

After the results in 2014, it was declared that BJP was the only party to cross the mark in the 543 member of Lok Sabha. On Thursday BJP president Amit Shah met other party members with Union ministers to showcase the blueprint, of the polls for the upcoming election years.