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PM to inaugurate the Dr. Ambedkar International Centre tomorrow | Text of PM’s address at the ceremony to dedicate Dr. Ambedkar International Centre to the nation
About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of Indians working in various corners of the world who have come together to address the issue of bad governance in India. We are impressed by the way Mr. Narendra Modi has brough about changes in governance in Gujarat. We believe if Mr. Modi is selected the PM, he has the potential to bring in the similar changes across India, leading to better life for all Indians in the shortest possible time. Click here to view our Core Committee

Our Goal

Right now, we have a single goal in mind; to facilitate Mr. Modi become the next Prime Minister of India soon after the parliamentary elections in 2014. We'll do our best to make this happen.

Our Vision

Prosperous, Peaceful and Inclusive India.

Our Values/Protocols

1) Legal approach: will do only things which are legal.

2) Honesty & sincerity: Our approach towards our goal is honest. We wish honest people, those without any hidden agenda, to join this movement.

3) No monetary transactions: The members of this forum will not raise money from any individuals or institutions using the name or context of the forum in any form. We cannot be held accountable for any misdemeanors by any member. However, we welcome members spending their own legal money towards our common cause through legal means.

4) Voluntary: We are volunteers for a national cause.

5) Transparent: We have nothing to hide. We have nothing to gain out of this movement. All our actions should be transparent.

6) Decision making::Individual members are free to take local decisions, within the contours of whatever is declared herein. A Central Committee constituted by the promoters of this organization shall take all decisions where certain decisions have to be made centrally. These decisions are final and binding on all members.

Rationale/Logic behind the movement

Given the depths to which we have permitted politics to sink our social, economic, political and geo-political interests, India's future is at grave risk.

The long term national resources are being swindled by politicians in collusion with some bureaucrats and industrialists. The future of Indian citizens and even future generations are being pledged for vulgar personal gains. Instead of developing human resources and giving it an opportunity to blossom, to build a strong, powerful and honest India, poor people are made pawns in the dirty of game of politicking being played by the powerful and mighty. If this is allowed to continue, the loss to the Nation would be so high that retrieving ground would be very costly to the Nation, besides taking decades.

Luckily, we now have General Elections due, and we have a chance to replace the Central Government in about 7 months with a more responsive and responsible one. Unfortunately, politics across the spectrum has sunk to such levels, that there are not really too many good alternatives, and not many are credible in the eyes of aamaadmi.

Only a responsible and competent leader can retrieve India from the precarious situation. And we believe, not only is NarendraModi one of the most competent such leaders, but also he's the one who is within striking distance of becoming the PM, among the few competent leaders.

Under Modi's leadership, Gujarat has achieved highest growth in agriculture in India, at a time when agriculture is on the decline across India; high growth in power generation, water conservation and industrial production; reduction in rural poverty and corruption, to name a few... all hallmarks of good governance. Some of us believe that, but for Modi, no other leader in NDA may provide sufficiently good governance, either.

Now, BJP has announced Modi as its PM candidate. Only NDA, BJP and Modi can handle the task of making NarendraModi become the PM. Though Modi appears to be in with a chance to becoming the PM, the challenge is so huge that the probability is not very high. Though there's an anti-UPA wave, it appears that such votes are likely to be split among NDA, 3rd Front, 4th Front, 5th Front, and more.

True, the situation could change substantially as elections draw closer, but the situation could change for better or for worse. Nation building is the responsibility of every responsible citizen, esp. at the critical situation India is currently in. So, we, a small group of responsible citizens, want to complement the efforts of BJP and NDA, in our own small way, to facilitate Modi become the PM, and help save Indian from bankruptcy.

Our Strategy

Members of don't belong to any political party. We are individual citizens, with our own limitations, including financial. But we have a common goal, viz. to retrieve the country from self seekers by facilitating Modi become the PM, even if we don't agree with everything about NDA/ BJP/ Modi. We want to change the politics of India to be focused on development, ridding it of corruption. is an enabling platform that brings us all, volunteers, together. While each member may do what she/ he wants to do towards our common goal, this platform could help its members who want help. Members may help each other, to the extent a member wants to offer help, and to the extent the member wants to take help from others.

For example: proposes to create a campaign of several cartoons on "Why Vote For Modi To Be PM". The idea is to make people think what will happen if UPA comes to power, vis a vis Third Front vis a visModi. There are many ordinary citizens like you and me who want to promote Modi as PM, and are even willing to spend money, but don't know what they can do. They can take any one or more of these cartoons, and put them up in the form of hoardings in cities/ towns with substantial viewership, in their own cities/ towns, negotiating and paying for these hoardings directly to the owners of these hoardings.

This task is very simple, and yet its impact can be huge. From a situation of not knowing how to contribute, volunteers can now contribute substantially, without having to send any money to will come up with several more ways in which it would help volunteers who have the time, money, skills, etc to contribute. will be owned and operated by the promoters of this platform. While the promoters will listen to the views of its members, to keep things simple, the decisions of the promoters will be final. The promoters cannot be drawn into controversies, legal or otherwise, by anyone including those who may want to subvert it for ulterior motives.

The promoters of will not have any financial dealings (either way) with its members. Other members are also strongly advised not to have any financial dealings with any other members. Any expenses to be incurred by any member in the process of promoting Modi as PM has to be voluntary, and done in one's own individual capacity, without involving or any of its members.


1) Spread our message through Hoarding/Flyers.
2) Spread message through SMS and Video Messages
3) Organizing events at ground level to educate people.
4) Encourage young voters to Vote.

This site is not affilated to any political party.