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Self Composed
सनातन सत्य की सदा सुनाई देती है बदली - बदली सी फ़िज़ा दिखाई देती है ख़त्म करो खेल अब साज़िशों का दोस्तों तुम्हारी वफ़ा में "अदा" दिखाई देती है
By:  Su_Yash
Great Winner
A Great Salute to Narendra Bhai Modi for his Magnificent Victory.. A Great Salute to Bharat Mata.. A Great Salute to Peoples of India...
By:  mohantysugo
कल मोदिराज से सुबह का आगाज।
कल मोदिराज से सुबह का आगाज।
By:  sssonkar
To Organise Blood Donation Camp After Elections
I really believe that N. Modi will be the next PM so Please organize Blood Donation camp everywhere so that the patients will get good treatment in hospitals and save thier life. This will enhance the popularity of Modi Sir in India.
By:  HiteshBhatia1989
Vote For MODI
DEAR BJP Lover I would like to say that BJP have to come in center through full support if modi come then career opotunity will more and more & coruption will less n less a plenty of power sector hopfully also come in UP & BIHAR.
By:  pankajgautam
Ab ki bar modi Sarkar
I really like the modi website.very Awesome page.I am very huge fan of modi ji & like his administration.He is the best leader for India.
By:  Vaibhav Singh Tomar
Vote for BJP
If a Modi got the governance of India. 1.India will get the bunch of opportunities. 2.And as I think India will be the strongest country in every field in the whole world. 3. No more Poverty and illiterate people. 4. Mostly the roads of India will very good as compare to now. 5. India be most happening tourist place.
By:  gopalmuzsbi
I Strongly Support Narendra Modi :
Congress Leaders never work for nation and they work only for their selfish reasons.So this is the right time to elect the persons who are serve to the nation with honesty.
By:  krishnapdpl
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