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Cartoon Campaign
ModiForPM Organization is working on creating a campaign of several cartoons on "Why Vote For Modi To Be PM". The idea is to make people think what will happen if UPA comes to power, vis a vis Third Front vis a visModi. There are many ordinary citizens like us who want to promote Modi as PM, and are even willing to spend money, but don't know what they can do. They can take any one or more of these cartoons, and put them up in the form of hoardings in cities/ towns with substantial viewership, in their own cities/ towns, negotiating and paying for these hoardings directly to the owners of these hoardings. This task is very simple, and yet its impact can be huge. From a situation of not knowing how to contribute, volunteers can now contribute substantially, without having to send any money to

Here is the list of the categories in this.
Coming Up
3. Security of India and neighbourly relations
4. Safety & Security of People, esp. Women
5. Falling Agriculture & Need to give it a fillip
6. Black Money Abroad & Need to Bring it back
7. Dividing the Nation based on Pseudo-Secularism & Casteism
8. Making People Beggers For Freebies, instead of Creating Jobs
9. Increasing Riots & Terrorism
10. Falling Value of Rupee
11. The Dream of the Voters, esp. for her/ his children

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